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Dig into the past...and discover what created your future. Engage in educational experiences and uncover the cultural and social heritage of Mid Canterbury and Aotearoa.

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Two O’Clock Tours | ASA 60th Annual Exhibition

Join us on Sunday 21 July for a tour of the Ashburton Society of Arts 60th Annual Exhibition. The annual ASA exhibition is coming to a close at…

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School Holiday Activities | July 2024

School holidays are here! The winter holidays are all about staying warm and dry while also having fun – so it’s the perfect time to visit the Gallery…

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Cultural Awareness Talk | India

In this Cultural Awareness session, you will learn about Indian culture and discuss basic social protocols to help you interact with clients, whānau, and friends. Whakatere Ashburton resident…

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Curator’s Talk | Jubilee: Selected works from the Ashburton Society of Arts Collection

Join us for a tour of Jubilee: Selected works from the Ashburton Society of Arts Collection with Art Curator James Hope. This exhibition celebrates the Society’s 60th year, presenting a selection of works…

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Exhibition Openings and Artist Talk

Join us for the opening of two new exhibitions featuring an artist talk by Kim Ireland, during which she will discuss her new works and provide insight into her practice. In her new exhibition Mana…

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Talk | Ian Soper: Ashburton Domain – The Why, What and How

Grandly named The Grange on Ashburton’s first map in 1864, this fenced off area designated for recreation was largely indistinguishable from the untouched countryside around it. It wasn’t until 1877 when a newly…

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Rachel Ratten | Artist Talk | Embroiderers’ Guild Opening

At the opening for The Magic of Needle and Thread, the Embroiderers’ Guild exhibition, Rachel Ratten will give a talk titled A journey from paint to thread. She will discuss her experiences with both quilting and freeform embroidery and…

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Art Lecture + Tour | Dr Mark Stocker

At his talk How a Kiwi Joker can create an art collection on the smell of an oily rag, art collector Mark Stocker will discuss the difference between the value and price of…

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Walk and Draw

In this workshop, you’ll be guided through a series of free-flowing abstract drawing techniques, inspired by different locations within Ashburton Domain, to create an experimental visual journal. Walking and drawing, without…

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Creative Mends workshop

Sadly, ‘throw away’ culture has led to a noticeable drop in people learning simple clothing repair skills. As a result, many of us now lack a real understanding of the…

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Domain Tales | 160 years of Ashburton Domain

Grandly named The Grange on Ashburton’s first map in 1864, this fenced-off area designated for recreation was largely indistinguishable from the untouched countryside around it. It wasn’t until 1877…

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Signs Past

Signs impact our lives every day; they direct, inform, influence and advise us. Ideally, the words, symbols and graphics combine to convey a message in the form of…

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Kōwhai Mums

Kōwhai Mums is a monthly art group that caters to ethnic and migrant mums/carers, as well as newcomers to Whakatere Ashburton. While this group has an emphasis on…

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In Colour

In Colour is a great way to unwind and relax with like-minded people. Bring along your art and craft projects to share with others over morning tea once a…

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Art Addicts

Art Addicts (AA) is the Gallery’s weekly art space for kids during the school term. Wrap up your Wednesday school day and head to the AAGM to get…

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